Good Laboratory Practice (GLP): It is the quality system related to the planning, conducting, monitoring, recording, archiving and reporting the conditions and management procedures of health and environmental safety studies other than clinical studies. The purpose of the GLP principles is to ensure the quality, reliability, integrity, reporting of verifiable results and traceability of data of the study.


As of 03.08.2022, Atatürk University DAYTAM has the “OECD Good Laboratory Practices Declaration of Conformity” given by The Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) in the field of “Physical and Chemical Analysis”. Our center, which has been accredited by TÜRKAK for 4 years, is the first in its field among the 8 institutions that received the OECD GLP Conformity Statement, and the first among public institutions in its field.


Studies and analyses to be carried out within the scope of OECD GLP in our center, which provides services in the fields of Chemistry and Technologies, Materials Sciences and Nanotechnology and Life Sciences, including physical-chemical tests for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry, are valid in 38 OECD member countries, including The USA, Germany, Austria, The United Kingdom and France. We would be pleased to support you in your work to be carried out within the scope of GLP. You can send your study requests to be carried out within the scope of GLP to daytam@atauni.edu.tr.