1. DAYSIS registration is mandatory for test and analysis applications.
  2. Test and analysis applications are made through DAYSİS.
  3. Samples not meeting the sample acceptance criteria are not accepted for analysis.
  4. Any sample should be appropriately coded.
  5. Analysis of samples that have harmful effects on human and environmental health will be subject to special permission.
  6. It is assumed that the customer accepts that the sample has no harmful effect on human and environmental health and the device. Otherwise, the customer is responsible for any negativity.
  7. Service fees and payment terms are detailed on the DAYTAM website (daytam.atauni.edu.tr). Sample acceptance criteria are given in Annex 1 and samples must be prepared according to these criteria.
  8. DAYTAM cannot be held responsible for any delays that may arise due to unavailable reasons due to the fact that the declared analysis periods are estimated. In case of deviation from the promised conditions, the customer is informed in writing or verbally.
  9. In the appointment analyses, the customer undertakes to be ready in the laboratory specified at the time of the appointment, to inform at least 3 days in advance in cases where he is not ready due to compulsory reasons, otherwise he will pay the test fee.
  10. The samples requested by the customer are returned with the result report. If these samples are not received within 15 days, they will be sent to waste.
  11. The shipping cost belongs to the customer. DAYTAM cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur in samples during shipment of all kinds of cargo.
  12. A result report is not issued unless the document indicating the payment of the service fee is submitted to DAYTAM.
  13. In scientific articles DAYTAM is referred to as “Atatürk University East Anatolia High Technology Application and Research Centre”
  14. The customer undertakes that the test results will not be used for commercial purposes and that they will not be used in a way that means it has been approved by Atatürk University Laboratories etc., implying the name of DAYTAM in the advertisements.
  15. If the same results are found in the repeated analyses when the customer objects to the test results, the full service fee is charged from the customer. If the analysis results are not objected within 10 working days, the results are deemed to have been accepted.
  16. In cases of disagreement, Erzurum Courts are authorized.