Dear Scientists,

Established with the support of the State Planning Organization and the own resources of Atatürk University, the East Anatolia High Technology Application and Research Centre – DAYTAM is one of the leading research and application centres of our country. DAYTAM, which has a usage area of approximately 4000 m2, has an Advanced Spectroscopy Laboratory, Advanced Imaging Laboratory, 160 m2-Clean Room including 10.000, 1.000 and 100 classes, Cell Culture Laboratory, Chromatography, Mass and Gas Systems Laboratories and 2 conference halls.

DAYTAM provides testing and analysis services to scientists and industrial organizations doing research in the fields of basic sciences, life sciences, materials science and engineering. Tests and analyses are carried out by researchers with high experience and expertise according to international standard (ISO, ICH, ASTM, EP, USP, etc.) protocols. With high experience in analytical method development and validation, DAYTAM will complete the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 quality and accreditation processes in the near future.

DAYTAM contributes to the dissemination of science and technology culture by conducting scientific activities including seminars, workshops, courses, etc.

Management of DAYTAM