While sending samples, the customer is obliged to comply with the conditions stated in the Test Service Contract as well as the conditions stated below. Samples sent inappropriately will not be accepted by DAYTAM.

General Sample Acceptance Criteria

  • DAYSİS analysis application must be made.
  • The customer is responsible for delivering the samples to DAYTAM undamaged.
  • If samples have special storage conditions, they should be specified in the DAYSİS analysis application form.
  • Samples should be delivered in sealed polypropylene or glass containers.
  • Samples should be placed in containers in a way that they will not leak or spill.
  • The surfaces of the samples should be free of dust.
  • Sample packages must be properly labelled.
  • Samples must be coded by the customer starting from 01. Only sample codes will be stated in the test report.
  • Analysis process and estimated analysis time can be seen from DAYSİS.