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East Anatolia High Technology Application and Research Center (DAYTAM) as Central Laboratory is founded with the budget of 35 million TL including financial support of State Planning Organization and with the most advanced laboratory systems in Ataturk University. Our Centre which has approximately 4000 m 2 area has 17 laboratories in various sizes which are ready for use, 160 m 2 clean room which consists of the classes of 10000, 1000 and 100, 12 system rooms and 2 conference rooms. Besides, Advanced Spectroscopy Laboratory, Advanced Imaging Laboratory, clean room, Cell Culture Laboratory, Life Sciences Laboratory, Mass System Laboratory, Material Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory there are 3 Life Sciences Laboratories and 2 Chemistry Laboratories having enough infrastructure for researchers which are available to perform the projects. In line with requests, new laboratories will be established and new devices will be taken.

In addition to increasing every day devices and technical infrastucture, DAYTAM, which is available to the scientists, aims to serve for all the universities, research centers and institutes in order to move the level of our country’s and our university’s reputation and strength of scientific research in national and international scale to the top level and to contribute the science of world with the projects cooperated with international partners. In addition, DAYTAM and his partners will continue to serve in order to promote high technology by arranging seminars, workshops, and conferences with the idea of creating a common scientific culture.

DAYTAM Administration